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Canal dedicado a vídeos de Lord Mobile (Cada dos semanas~). Tutoriales y gameplays.

Winning the Labyrinth

– Different combos of Heroes (FAIL)
– Pushing the button Quickly (FAIL)
– Waiting Time between Attacking (FAIL)
– Completing the panel up to 100% with nothing out (MAYBE)
– Hit a few quick, wait for boxes to open, and then start again (FAIL)
– Get Elite Labyrinth (better value) if P2P (AWESOME IDEA)
– Phantom Knight for lots of free Holy Stars (YES)
– Trickstar Familiar. This is THE BEST WAY to get a lot of Holy Stars all the time. (YES)
– Paid Packs. AVOID THEM (FAIL)
– Luck (YES!!!!)

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Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)