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In Lords Mobile the Treasure Trove allows you to invest gems for set periods of time, rewarding you with interest in the form of additional gems. This building is first unlocked at Castle level 17.

Upgrading your Treasure Trove allows you to invest more gems and earn a bonus interest rate. Unlike the rest of the buildings the Treasure Trove only has 9 upgrade levels. The longer the investment period the greater the returns.

At level 1 you can invest a maximum of 10,250 gems with a 0% bonus to the interest rate. At level 9 you can invest a maximum of 20,000 gems with a 20% bonus to the interest rate. There is a minimum investment amount of 10,000 gems for all levels.

The table below shows the interest rates for each level and the daily gem return.

At level 9 using the maximum gem investment of 20,000, for the longest term of 30 days, you will earn 700 gems a day, or 21,000 gems a month.

Your Treasure Trove requires Crystal Pickaxes to upgrade, which can be purchased with gems.

Whilst your gems are on deposit they cannot be stolen or lost, however if you end your deposit early you will lose the interest (but get your original capital back).

The table below shows the upgrade costs for each level, the number of crystal pickaxes required and the rewards granted.

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Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)