Hacks to Speeding up Building in Lords Mobile and Whether to Buy Big Guy

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Hacks to Upgrading Buildings Quickly –

Tips and Hacks

– Gear 160% (New Gear Shortcut)
– Talents 40% + 65% = 105%
– Construction Speed Boosts 10% (20% rarer)
– Turf Club 25%
– Save Gems for Prison, Altar, Battle Hall, Embassy, Treasure Trove
– Scarlet Bolt (Passive), Sage of Storms (Passive), Big Eye P2P (Passive), Witch Doll
– Gemming Gremlin 5%, Bouldur (Max Help Bar)
– Research. Economy 70%
– Vassal Titles (previous video) and Kingdom Boosts

How Help Bar Works

When to do Building Campaigns – Hell Events, Solo, Guild Fest

Buying Big Guy (aka big eye) for Construction?

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Hellp guys and welcome to my channel today I’m going to show you how you save money and get extra bonus packs in Lords mobile. Just follow this steps. 1.
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Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)