How To Hack MKX Mobile iOS #1 : Hack ALL Character Cards | MKX 1.21

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Here is a free tutorial on how to get inustice 2 raiden diamond card in mortal kombat x mobile (mkx mobile 1.21). You need a jailbroken phone, cydia, gameguardian and a paid license for GG.

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MKX Mobile 1.21 Injustice 2 Raiden Character Codes for Android :
70983 Injustice 2 Raiden

MKX Mobile 1.21 Injustice 2 Raiden Character Codes for iOS :
66613 Injustice 2 Raiden

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Jade Day Of The Dead
Erron Black Day Of The Dead
Mileena Vampiress
Leatherface Pretty Lady

Baraka Scourge
Bo’ Rai Cho Dragon Breath
Cassie Cage Convert Ops
Cassie Cage (Silver)
Cassie Cage Undercover
Cassie Cage Punk
D’Vorah Swarm Queen
D’ Vorah Venomous
D’Vorah (Silver)
D’Vorah Wretch (Diamond)
Ermac (Silver)
Ermac Spectral
Ermac Pharaoh
Ermac Klassic
Ermac Master of Souls
Erron Black Bounty Hunter (Diamond)
Erron Black Gunslinger
Freddy Krueger Nightmare
Goro Tigrar Fury
Goro Klassic (Diamond)
Jacqui Briggs (Silver)
Jacqui Briggs High Tecnology
Jacqui Briggs Cibernetic
Jacqui Briggs Kosplay
Jade Assassin
Jason Voorhees Unstoppable
Jason Voorhees Relentless
Jason Voorhees Slasher
Jax Briggs (Silver)
Jax Briggs Heavy Weapons
Jax Briggs Revenant
Jax Farmer (Silver)
Jax Briggs Klassic (Diamond)
Johnny Cage (Silver)
Johnny Cage Undead Hunter
Johnny Cage A-List
Johnny Cage Stunt Double
Johnny Cage Kombat Cup
Johnny Cage Ninja Mime
Kano (Silver)
Kano Assassin
Kano Command
Kano Klassic
Kenshi Balanced
Kenshi Possessed
Kenshi (Silver)
Kenshi Elder God
Kenshi Ronin
Kintaro Shokan Warrior
Kitana Assasin
Kitana Mournful
Kitana Dark Empress
Kitana Day of the Dead
Kitana Klassic (Silver)
Kitana Ronin
Kotal Kahn Blood God
Kotal Kahn Sun God
Kotal Kahn (Silver)
Kotal Kahn Shadow Lord
Kung Jin Bojutsu
Kung Jin Shaolin
Kung Jin (Silver)
Kung Jin Marksman
Kung Lao Shaolin Fist
Kung Lao Shaolin Master
Kung Lao Hat Trick
Kung Lao Revenant
Lin Kuei
Liu Kang Flaming Fist
Liu Kang Dark Emperor
Liu Kang Klassic (Diamond)
Millena Piercing
Mileena Ravenous (Diamond)
Mileena Klassic
Quan Chi Witch
Quan Chi Tournament
Raiden Thunder God
Raiden Klassic (Diamond)
Raiden Darkness
Raiden Injustice 2 (Diamond)
Reptile Nimble
Reptile Noxious
Reptile (Silver)
Reptile Kraken
Reptile Klassic (Diamond)
Scorpion Ninjutsu
Scorpion Infernal
Scorpion (Silver)
Scorpion Hanso Hasashi
Scorpion Cold War
Scorpion Injustice
Scorpion Klassic
Scorpion Hellspawn (Diamond)
Scorpion Spec Ops
Shao Kahn Konqueror (Diamond)
Shinnok Vengeance
Shinnok Bones Shaper
Shiray Ryu
Sonya Blade Demolition
Sonya Blade Tactical
Sonya Blade (Silver)
Sonya Blade Kombat Cup
Sonya Blade Cold War
Sonya Blade Klassic
Sub-Zero (Silver)
Sub-Zero Criomancer
Sub-Zero Gran Master
Sub-Zero Revenant
Sub-Zero Cold War
Sub-Zero Klassic
Takeda Shirai Ryu
Takeda Ronin
Tanya Kobujutsu
Tanya Treacherous
Tremor Aftershock
Triborg Cyrax
Triborg Sektor
Triborg Smoke
Triborg Sub-Zero

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