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Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)

Auto farming with the Lords Mobile Hack Bot is a quick way to max your castle. This strategy involves creating multiple “Mini Farm Accounts” that earn resources for your main account. With this simple method, earning millions of wood and food per day is easy.

This is the Lords Mobile Hack Bot that has allowed a ton of players to hit the game leaderboards. We integrated this version so that players from all levels can enjoy the same automated game play.

Auto Gather Food, Wood, Ore & Stone
Completes your admin, guild & VIP quests
Have your shield opened when under attack
Auto help your fellow alliance members
Always have troops training and ready for battle
Have your buildings auto upgrade when ready
Collect mystery box, resend troops and much more!

Download LordsBot for Free. 100% Safe & Secure. NO SURVEYS!

Lords Mobile get 2.000.000 Gem very fast
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Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)