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Thanks for letting me use your live stream clip aevatrex
Thanks to [B~J]Raicall YT for helping with Thumbnail
Checkout his YouTube channel guys.
Sorry stridox xD

Games are created so we can enjoy them, it doesn’t really matter your pro or noob or F2P , P2P all that matters is you enjoy the game. And only way to do that is play fair and clean.

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My Setup ↓
?Monitor -: Benq XL2411P
?Cabinet -: Circle Gaming CC821
?Graphic Card -: Asus GTX 1060 3 GB
?Ram -: Corsair 2X8GB DDR4
?Processor -: i5-7500 3.40 GHZ
?Mouse -: Logitech G402
?Keyboard -: Zebronic MaxPlus
?Headphone -: HyperX HX-HSCL-SR/NA Cloud Gaming Headset
?Mic -: Blue Yeti

?Game : Lords Mobile
?Guild : SGE
?Sugar Family
?IGN : God Defender
?Ex Guild’s : Y.H , KFK , /&/ , WoG , SGK
?Recorded with Windows 10 screen recorder.
?Edited with : Sony Vegas pro 14.0
?Thumbnail Edited with : Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

#lordsmobile #goddefender

***This video is for educational purpose only***

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Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)