Lords Mobile: How To Reach Level 25 Fast 2018 – (Expert Tutorial For Beginners Part 4)

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The VIP system
Lords Mobile, like many other games has a VIP system. The more VIP points you build up, the higher your VIP level can be. The higher your VIP level, the more bonuses you’ll gain. Do note that there are more bonuses than what’s showing in the screen shot below for the current VIP level.

As of this writing, the VIP level is at 6. It only took 2 days (not THAT many hours each day!!) to get to VIP level 5. It’s surprisingly easy to do!! So how do you gain the points to get to higher VIP levels quickly? The initial method is using gems.

When you click the Get Points button, you can use your gems to buy VIP points. When you’re first starting out, you’ll be given gems as a reward. You’ll also gain gems when you join a guild. In total for the 2, you can get to VIP level 5 pretty quickly. One of the more important parts of having a higher VIP level is the Free Acceleration time bonus. When you’re doing construction and/or research, there’s a set amount of time the timers have to reach before you can freely “instant complete” the task. For example, a construction takes 1 hour to complete. At VIP level 1, as soon as the construction timer gets down to 5 minutes or less, you can click the button and the construction is done on the spot. At VIP 6, as soon as the construction timer gets down to 15 minutes or less, you can instantly complete it. It will increase with VIP levels.

Another method to gain VIP points is to simply log into the game each day.

As showing in the above screen shot, you’ll gain VIP points each consecutive day you log in. From there, it’ll increase the next day.

Where to Find Materials
The following is a list of how you can obtain materials in Lords Mobile:

Admin and Guild Quests – reward standard material drops
Gathering – reward standard material drops
Monsters – reward special event material drops
Material Chests in the Gem Mall – reward standard material drops
Special Game Packs – reward special material drops
Admin and guild quests reward random materials. Gathering provides specific material depending on what type of resource tile you are on. Monsters provide specific special event material depending on the monster you kill. Chests provide random material drops. Special game packs reward materials that can’t be found in game.

Gathering on Resource Tiles
Each of the four main resource tiles drop specific materials. You should note that the higher the level of the resource tile, the higher the chance you will find better quality items.

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