Lords Mobile Tips From Beginner to Pro Packs and Gear

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In this episode we’ll run down each of the available packs to purchase (which are finally improving). We’ll see that they aren’t all there yet – but there’s some much better materials we’ll be able to receive than in the past.

Those packs will lead us to the gear portion of the video where we can discuss which gear to forge and how I think about that right now.

The beauty of this game is in the ability to make it your own. Even when you’re following a basic recipe such as the tips I provide – you’re able to play the pieces the way you want. I have yet to see 2 identical methods and results.

That said, I have seen a lot of time saved. You can spend time researching the wrong things that produce a minimal result vs the things that will take you further, faster in the game. Be sure to tune in for the next video as well where we’ll be jumping into the world of familiars.

Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)