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Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)

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Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)

Gems Giveaway – Lords Mobile (closed winner comment pinned)

Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)

Hey Merry Christmas everyone and this is just a quick giveaway which will end in 48 hours.
Follow this steps to participate,
Simple Steps -: To Download this game use this link : https://app.adjust.com/71mshd4
Take profile screenshot once you play
Comment your IGN Below this video
And ill declare winners in 48 hours.

1) Open this video -: https://youtu.be/MW2YT4a3yV0
2) Check that video description you will find a Link there as shown in this video
3)Download and install that game and play for at least 5 minutes
4)Once you Register take your Profile screenshot like i shown in video. ( Ill ask the winner for this screenshot if you don’t have you will be disqualified )
5)Comment Below Your Lords Mobile In game name ( IGN )

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My Setup ↓
🔹Monitor -: Benq XL2411P
🔹Cabinet -: Circle Gaming CC821
🔹Graphic Card -: Asus GTX 1060 3 GB
🔹Ram -: Corsair 2X8GB DDR4
🔹Processor -: i5-7500 3.40 GHZ
🔹Mouse -: Logitech G402
🔹Keyboard -: Zebronic MaxPlus
🔹Headphone -: HyperX HX-HSCL-SR/NA Cloud Gaming Headset
🔹Mic -: Blue Yeti

🔹Game : Lords Mobile
🔹Guild : SGE
🔹Sugar Family
🔹IGN : God Defender
🔹Ex Guild’s : Y.H , KFK , /&/ , WoG , SGK
🔹Recorded with Windows 10 screen recorder.
🔹Edited with : Sony Vegas pro 14.0
🔹Thumbnail Edited with : Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

#lordsmobile #giveaway #defender

Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)