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Smurf Trading


What are coins for? (Type !Coins command to check balance)
10,000 coins – For me to play the guitar live. Hopefully a decent song, coupled with my nuisance vocal and adding your name in the lyrics somehow.
7,000 coins – To turn on webcam, and strum the guitar just 3 times
5,000 coins – To remove my Cap / or to turn on webcam
4,000 coins – To request for a shoutout in stream. E.g. Happy birthday to who, ETC
3,000 coins – Suggest the next topic for streaming
2,000 coins – Do a quick gear check of an account of your choice
1,000 coins – Ask a question, and I will answer in detail
500 coins – I will shoutout your name at the end of the stream

After using above coins, will auto-refresh in 2months. I.e. someone with 10,000 coins have to wait 2 months to use again after being entertained by Alpha’s guitar serenade.

How to use your coins?
To use coins, type !coins first to check your coins balance. Then #AlphaSmurf in chat, and type your request.

How to earn coins?
– 10 Alpha coins rewarded per 10 minutes.
– Every week I will reward the top donor with additional 1000 coins (if there is even one donor in the first place ;p)
– Each dollar donated via streamlab will be rewarded 100 coins (if user makes a typo, won’t work)
– All active users in chat get 10 coins for each dollar someone donates
– Every month additional coins. Refer to patron page.

!heist (bet amount) , max bet is 100.
!duel (username of your opponent), default cost is 50.
!boss, default cost is 50. There are a total of 4 different bosses, which have different loot and entries requirement.

My Instagram
Leave a comment who you are. I will keep this as private as possible. If you have been following me for a while, I will know & add u. (# 1 hall of fame, + 500points+)

How can you support me?
Via Streamlabs : OR
Via Amazon : (my ebook on Amazon)
Via Be a Patreon : for additional Alpha Smurf tiers rewards. With your continued help, I’ll be able to keep bringing videos and livestreams to you folks every week!

Any amount to help me achieve my donation goal will be appreciated.

Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)