Lords Mobile Gathering Bots uncovered in K118

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(The player referenced in the video {ForFax} can be seen in my previous video as a bot… He has either been removed from the bot script or is online in this video) … Scumbags in K118 being caught using gathering bots. It is unedited purely so you can see it all exactly how i see it… If it was just kept to an automated bank… I wouldn’t have minded but this behaviour severely imbalances the game and so far, I dont see much being done about it.

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Some of Lords Mobile game
Nathan Hale
“It’s a very fun game, I like the style, it needs a lil work on the leveling heroes bit, but otherwise it’s a great game to pass the time. Not too strenuous and not too lazy, it’s really just right, especially if you are like me and don’t wanna have to play the game for 3 years to finally get to a decent level or might lol. I highly recommend it :)”

Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)


Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)

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Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)