Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)

Hi Everyone! How to save a lot of money when buying packs in Lords Mobile. Here is my secret. I havent seen any cheaper packs!

Hope you enjoy!

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Steps to use the diamond
#1 download the .apk file on
#2 install the .apk file following the description on the website
#3 Download Skrill in the playstore or online and create an account
#4 Select a country in the diamond store
#5 Select moneybookers and login

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Download Lords

Here I tell you guys how to play the odds so you are in a position to make unlimited gems in Lords Mobile and progress as fast as Lightning.

In case I wasn’t clear enough in the video, a Gremlin Boss will spawn 6% of the time. That is 1 out of 16.66 times after you kill a normal Labyrinth monster. From the moment you are fighting a Gremlin Boss, your chances to hit the jackpot decreases to 4.5% Thatโ€™s roughly 1 of 22 times.

So here is the 16.66ร—1000ร—22= 366.520 Holy Stars needed to win the jackpot. Multiply that number by 2 to know what it will cost in Lords Mobile gems. Thatโ€™s 733.040 Lords Mobile Gems which are needed to win the jackpot. You can do this on and on. But keep in mind that the jackpot should be at least 800k gems or higher.

This is not a guaranteed way to win. Only a way to work the odds in your favor. You CAN still lose. This is STILL a lottery.

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Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)

Save money in lords Mobile by using IGG diamond store Full explain | Lords mobile free packs

Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)

Please “Lords Mobile -4 attack on my account some solo and rally action | Try to burn me Lords mobile”
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Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)

Save money on buying packs in lords mobile | Lords Mobile app coin wallet guide

Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)

Hellp guys and welcome to my channel today I’m going to show you how you save money and get extra bonus packs in Lords mobile. Just follow this steps. 1.
download the diamond store from here
Then download the app coins wallet app – .
Then Download Aptoide app store and lords mobile app from Aptoide store

then follow the process that showed in video and save some money.
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Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)

How To Save Money When Buying Packs Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)

What’s up everyone! Wanna save money when you buy a lords mobile pack? Then this video is for you!


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Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)

HOW TO SAVE MONEY on packs in Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)

Download Lords Mobile from
Get up to 25% off packs, watch the video and learn how. It’s an easy way to save money on Lords Mobile ๐Ÿ™‚ Recent update brought it 25% – please be advised.

Basically the one hit punch knockout that IGG needed for Steampath to come on our doorstep has also brought us a new way to save unlike before.
I’m going to show you how to save money on packs in lords mobile so that you can get up to as much as 30% off your packs in Lords Mobile.

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You might have heard about this craze already, but if you haven’t you should definitely take a look at this payment system because unlike many other competitors in the app store market, this is a genuine way to save money even though (yes, you are spending) but at least you get more out of it than had you done so directly by google play.

To answer a few questions though, This is android only.
To get the app coins option, you MUST download lords mobile from the link above in this description.

An Apple user? You can hop on an emulator and click the link to get around this – you’ll just need to download the APK into your emulator. If you’re lost / confused.. ask me in the comments.

As for other payment options available like gift cards, I wouldn’t know enough to say but I’m using paypal atm which is working just fine for me.

Lastly, this is a sponsor. The link above is an affiliate link – therefore I am making money if you spend without any cost to you. You’re essentially helping me as a creator by spending through the link and I appreciate any of those of you who do. Being transparent is important to me especially with this sensitive subject, and I decided this was safe to promote based on my experience so far and the savings I’m already making from it.

Thanks for the support and keep gaming!

Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)