Top F2P Hacks for Training LOTS of Troops in Lords Mobile

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Top Hacks for Training a LOT of Troops for


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Pace your Training.
Timing as the 24-hr Challenge and Hell Events!
Train Troops during Guild Fest.
Pop the 10% and 20% Training Boosts.
Make sure that you finish the Researches, like Upgrade Military for Cost and Training Speed from Military I, Upgrade Military II, Army Leadership III, Wonder Battles IV
Manor Boost.
Use Train Training Gear. Two Hardrox Gear and 1 (Off-Hand Champion Gear – 3 options)
Get the Chief Vassal Title. Overlord to pop a 4-Hour Kingdom Boost of 10% even better 🙂 Shoutout to [FTF] EDINBURGxKIN
Training Talents.
Upgrade the Gryphon. 5%
Max the Watcher Hero.
100% Gems Back.

Don’t make your Troop Heroes (Watcher) as the leader just for Training. It’s passive!
Do not train t1,t2 until you have 1-million of each T4 type. T3 open season!
Do NOT make loads of Barracks! You should never have more than 1 Barrack. Unless you’re stupid, of course
Don’t Gem Troops unless you’re a millionaire!

Lords Mobile Generator (FREE!)